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Over 50 years of tradition in Brasilia
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Bilingual and comprehensive education

One of the most traditional schools in Brasilia, now renamed Pueri Bilíngue Candanguinho (former CECAN), traces its history in education in the Federal District to 1968. Founded by the educator Doralice Crivaro, Tia Dorinha, the school was based in the Asa Sul region and offered Preschool education only.

It soon grew and expanded it services to other stages of basic schooling, taking in students from Nursery to High School.

In 2014 the school became part of Sistema Educacional Brasileiro (SEB), one of the most solid and respected educational groups in the Brazil, combining the tradition of more than 50 years of excellence in education in the region with a teaching methodology that focuses on educating citizens for the 21st century.

  Mission statement

To comprehensively educate critical, ethical and responsible individuals, through innovative education and sustainable management.

  Vision statement

To be a model of excellence and management and a leader in basic education in Brazil.


Excellence, Innovation, Focus on Students, Commitment to Results, Credibility, Respect, Transparency and Responsibility.

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Pueri Bilíngue Candanguinho
SHC/SW EQSW, 303/304 Lote 1 Parte C - Cruzeiro / Sudoeste / Octogonal, Brasília - DF, 70673-350. Fone : (61) 3344-7575.
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