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Our Methodology

Nossa Metodologia de Ensino

Learning in english

Bilingual Education

All children are curious and equipped to increasingly discover the world around them. When educational investment expands to bilingual learning, that window...
of opportunity for intellectual growth is exponentially expanded. Second language acquisition is, in itself, a very important end. But as a means it becomes way more powerful than imagined. Pueri Bilíngue encourages reasoning in a second language, rather than merely teaching a new language. It develops knowledge related to logical reasoning, scientific information, languages and the arts by reasoning in both Portuguese and English.

And that is the main advantage over traditional teaching of a new language: in essence, bilingual education reshapes the whole learning process. Whoever opens that window of opportunity can no longer close it. To open it is to tear down walls, to ignore barriers, to guarantee and possess the whole world, well within one’s reach.

Integral Development

Self-Awareness and
Personal Growth

Staying ahead in education requires self-criticism and readiness for change. We must expand our outlook, continuously reorganizing schedules and spaces to...
stimulate motivation, resilience and social-emotional intelligence in students. The changes in our curriculum aim to broaden the scope of students’ development in all respects. The results will be reaped in the future, providing distinctive traits that will further their personal development, insertion and continuity in the contemporary professional market, which poses very different challenges compared to those the traditional school became used to facing. Designing a modern curriculum necessarily entails a commitment not to develop only traditional cognitive skills. Unquestionably important, in the 21st century they only gain real value when harmonized with ethical values and socio-emotional skills.

Present in BNCC (National Common Curricular Base) and scheduled for assessment in PISA (Program for International Student Assessment) in 2021, socio-emotional skills, always present in education at Candanguinho, enjoy even greater care and systematization in this new curriculum. And they are consolidated in a program that runs through and across it, from Preschool to High School: COACHING. Fostering the self-knowledge and personal maturity of students, stimulating and guiding them to take initiative and be creative, encouraging them to assume leadership and citizenship attitudes are some of the goals that will be achieved by means of the two languages now integrated in our new curriculum.

A new student,
new needs

Active Learning Methodologies

To build an efficient education project it is essential to consider ongoing changes in the profile of students. After all, global transformations also deeply affect the...
individual behavior of children and adolescents. In the world of instantaneity, what prevails is the present. Even the attention span has new limits which hardly exceed a few minutes. Discourses have been cut short to adjust to the parameters of virtual communication. At the same time, access to information content is virtually unlimited. It is a paradigm which current education must also address. The vertical and deeply hierarchical teaching of the past tends to become obsolete.

The use of methodologies that involve students in action, the so-called active learning methodologies, become mandatory when the aim is to reach and engage students of the 21st century. Moreover, we invest in the development of students’ autonomy and their capacity for responsible and creative critical thinking. And with a focus on guiding them to learning to learn. From the earliest experiences of Preschool years to the completion of students’ education for life in High School, basic education is the time to help these youngsters understand and manage their own learning processes. And to be able to tap into that repertoire over the long and productive lives they will lead way after all those years of schooling.


Digital Fluency

The ubiquitous presence of technology has already greatly changed the way we relate to the world and continues to transform our lives. Naturally, it must also...
become one of the main pillars of contemporary education. Therefore, from Elementary through Middle School students will have CODING classes. By including CODING in our curriculum, we aim to help students acquire “digital fluency” (the ability to use technology as a language, fully mastering the use of its resources) and foster the use of new digital technologies as a means to enhance their learning and scope of knowledge.

And underlying this insertion is a host of ulterior motives: students who create coding impact their development in many ways and comprehensively: from logical-mathematical reasoning to the enhancement of other essential skills such as cooperative work, autonomy, critical thinking and entrepreneurial spirit. These are all traits highly appreciated in the current labor market, both in Brazil and abroad, regardless of the professional field of preference. Being prepared for it means having control over your future possibilities.

Hands-on Learning

Maker Space

Another important principle of our curriculum is the concept of integral education, that is, capable of addressing all aspects of students’ education...
and ensuring their global development. Such a school knows that all environments are relevant and views itself as one large learning ecosystem. Comprising classrooms, naturally, but also less traditional environments to further education, such as Maker Space.

An environment equipped with workbenches, tools, 3D printer and other resources to design projects, this space is reshaped and enhanced with the ongoing requirements of students and teachers, since there are no restrictions to creativity and entrepreneurship here. Underlying it is a broad and solid range of pedagogical intentions: to encourage children and youngsters to engage in problem solving in a cooperative manner, to develop creativity, critical thinking, argumentation, resilience, team work skills. In short, a little of everything that contemporary education can no longer do without.

It’s Always Time to Think
of Your Child’s Future

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