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At Pueri Bilíngue Candanguinho students find a bilingual, comprehensive and innovative school and have access to tools and knowledge that enable them to solve current and future problems. They are encouraged to respond to challenges not only with their cognitive resources, but also − and especially − with non-cognitive ones. Our educational approach is based on the development of critical thinking in two languages, provides digital literacy and fosters the development of socioemotional skills, key traits for the citizen of the future and a world without borders.

  The future is being shaped here

The educational approach of Pueri Bilíngue Candanguinho, added to its learning facilities, is aimed at educating citizens of the 21st century. Here students are encouraged to think in two languages and to be protagonists of their academic development.

Bilingual education Bilingual education

Bilingual education reshapes the entire learning process and stimulates thinking in a second language, rather than merely teaching a new language.
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Comprehensive development Comprehensive development

Constant reorganization of time and space is essential to stimulate students’ motivation, resilience and socioemotional intelligence.
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Digital literacy  Digital literacy

Technology is transforming life in society as a whole and has become one of the main pillars of contemporary education.
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Hands-on learning Hands-on learning

Maker Space is an environment equipped with workbenches, tools, 3D printer and resources to design projects.
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