Elementary/Middle School
Elementary/Middle School
High School
High School
  Educational stages

Preschool is the main pillar for students’ success in other stages. Therefore, at Pueri Bilíngue Candanguinho the educational approach, facilities and educational staff are committed to meeting the needs and potential of children. The school offers an innovative and leading educational approach, based on enabling students to fully develop cognitive, psychomotor and socioemotional intelligences.

Elementary/Middle School

In the process of educating citizens for the 21st century, Elementary and Middle School complement the values developed in Preschool. From Years 1 to 5, besides literacy, teaching is focused on the development of autonomy at various levels, including intellectual. Students are encouraged to take active part in their full development as citizens. In Years 6 to 9 their reflective awareness is stimulated through the exchange of experiences.

This is a dynamic process involving a large amount of academic content and knowledge inherent to quality education.

High School

At Pueri Bilíngue Candanguinho, high school students are encouraged to expand their academic knowledge, developing the skills necessary to overcome the challenges of the 21st century, preparing for entry into the university and for the future job market. The school in the world and the world in the school is our motto for the integral formation of our students.
Supported by bilingual education, with the option of high school in the evening, and by the solid academic curriculum, the student appropriates the necessary repertoire to facilitate decision making regarding the choice of profession and construction of his own future. When choosing high school, the student finishes high school with double certification: Brazilian and American, by Keystone. Thus, in addition to expanding the options for entering higher education, having high school in the curriculum is also a differential for those who are interested in scholarships outside the country during graduation in Brazil.
For 2021, students will be able to take courses at some colleges affiliated with the Pueri Domus network. On Friday afternoons we will offer credits for courses such as: Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Business in a Global Environment and Understanding the role of Fintechs in the Finance Area by ESPM; Enjoy, doc! and ArchTech by FAAP, São Paulo School of Fine Arts; Astronomy, by the National Institute for Space Research. Partnerships with Insper, Instituto Albert Einsten and others are being built to offer semester courses to high school students.

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The learning methodology at Pueri Bilíngue Candanguinho is geared towards preparing students for the 21st century, with problem solving, active learning methodologies and an educational approach in which students become protagonists of their academic development.

Students are provided with printed and digital contents that lead to the development of autonomy, creativity and a culture of thought. All of this in line with the Brazilian Common Curriculum Standards (BNCC).

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• Learning in English
Bilingual education

Bilingual education reshapes the entire learning process and stimulates thinking in a second language, rather than merely teaching a new language. It develops academic content related to logical thinking, scientific knowledge and historical awareness, among other aspects. By investing in bilingual education, students expand the window of opportunities and experience real intellectual growth.

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• Comprehensive education
Self-knowledge and personal growth

The focus on comprehensive education requires constant reorganization of time and space to stimulate students’ motivation, resilience and socioemotional intelligence. To be considered efficient, a learning project must not only develop cognitive skills in students, but also incorporate ethical values and socioemotional skills.

Socioemotional skills, provided in the Brazilian Common Curriculum Standards (BNCC) and scheduled for inclusion in PISA (Programme for International Student Assessment) in 2021, are part of the curriculum of Escola Bilíngue Candanguinho. They are consolidated in a program offered from Preschool to High School: COACHING. This fosters students’ self-knowledge and personal growth.

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Digital literacy

Technology is transforming life in society as a whole and has become one of the main pillars of contemporary education. At Pueri Bilíngue Candanguinho it is integrated into the curriculum from Preschool. And in Elementary/Middle School students take CODING classes and acquire “digital literacy” (the ability to use technology as language, with full mastery in handling this resource).

By encouraging the use of new digital technologies as a means of expanding learning and knowledge, Candanguinho provides students with the development of key skills ranging from logical and mathematical reasoning to cooperative work, enhanced autonomy, critical thinking and entrepreneurship.

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New students, new needs
Active learning methodologies

In using active learning methodologies, Pueri Bilíngue Candanguinho invites students to take action. The school encourages them to be autonomous and protagonists of their own learning, besides being able to produce critical thinking in a responsible and creative way. Thus, they start learning to learn. From the earliest experiences of Preschool to the completion of students’ education for life in High School, basic schooling is the time to help these young people understand and manage their own learning processes.

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Hands-on learning
Maker Space

Maker Space is an environment equipped with workbenches, tools, 3D printer and resources to design projects. In this space kids and youngsters work cooperatively to solve problems and develop creativity, critical thinking, argumentation, resilience and teamwork skills.

Hands-on learning is a principle of comprehensive education and impacts students at all levels, ensuring global development. After all, it draws on less conventional environments to improve learning and cannot be absent in contemporary education.

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