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In a world of ever-faster transformations, the speed of information follows the pace of behavior changes. There are no more barriers to communicating or living. That requires different sets of knowledge and skills for life. In order to stand out among so many possibilities, the 21st century requires a different kind of education, in which bilingual proficiency is essential and schools play a key role in this process.

We at Candanguinho are proud to be part of a school that was born with the future in mind. Over fifty years ago, when the world was still debating whether children should have a voice of their own, this institution was born with its students as protagonists in the construction of knowledge.

We stood out when we appreciated technology in the learning process. Never an end, always a means conducive to quality, relevant, pertinent and equitable education.

We have reached our 50th anniversary with many reasons to celebrate. We look back with great pride and experience and forward with absolute readiness and youth. And, at this very moment, delighted by the 50 years previously lived and, in advance, passionate about the taste of the following 50, we have been chosen as the school that will bring Pueri Bilíngue to Brasília.

Being a Pueri Bilíngue school means understanding and using the resources required to solve the challenges of contemporary education, directed at the natives of the 21st century. It means having all the tools and repertoire to prepare those students to solve the current and future problems of the world. It means empowering them to respond to challenges not only with their cognitive resources, but also – and especially – with non-cognitive ones. It means educating them to deal with the digital society that surrounds them. And it means making them bilingual because these students were undoubtedly born as inhabitants of a borderless world.

Let’s do this?

Vamos Juntos?
  • Learning in english

    EBilingual Education.

  • Integral Development

    Self-Awareness and Personal Growth.

  • A new student,
    new needs

    Active Learning Methodologies.

  • Coding

    Digital Fluency

  • Hands-on Learning

    Maker Space

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With your security and well-being in mind, group SEB will now provide online assistance (chat) for financial matters through the portal, at the link below:


The following services will be available: payment of tuition fees (overdue and due), statements (Income Tax and Total Payments) and online chat for support and questions regarding financial services.

Please be reminded that you can pay tuition fees by debit or credit card in the portal. A further option is direct debit authorized by your bank.

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